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Why your logo is an integral part of brand perception I Ice House Design

Your logo is an integral part of brand perception. Despite widespread literacy, people are still moved by two dimensional forms. Whether a painting, photograph or a brand logo, forms and symbols can be more powerful than names or slogans.

Ssuccessful brands have nailed this; when you think of Apple, you think of the eponymous logo with the bite taken out of it, when you hear Nike, you see the swoosh. We could go on, but the point is, logos should never be overlooked as a quick and direct link to your organisation. Below are listed a few reasons  why they’re important.

First impressions – Psychologically, we’re far more simplistic in our evaluation of our surroundings than we might like to think. First impressions are incredibly important, and especially so with brands.

Before you even have a chance to read the company name, you will have run over the logo with your eye and reacted in some way, whether you knew it or not. Getting that initial reaction just right is very important, it can be the difference between someone looking elsewhere, and hooking their attention and converting a sale.

Stand out – Obviously you want to stand out for the right reason, but you want to stand out nonetheless. In a world where we are literally constantly bombarded with stimuli, in the streets and on the internet, words aren’t enough to capture our attention.

A catchy and bold logo can catch someone’s eye and attention for just long enough for them to want to know more about what lies behind that logo, what product and company it represents.

Face of the company – Your logo is an integral part of the perception of your brand. People use the phrase frequently, the face of a company, but that is what the logo can be. When you say the company name, the logo is what could come to mind, and if this mental apparition is a pleasant aesthetic experience, people subconsciously are drawn more strongly to the brand.

You want something that grabs the attention, but also something that you would be happy to see every day.

Versatility – Make your logo something that can go anywhere, because that’s what should happen. Your logo will be on your products, website, emails, and social media – make it scalable, and versatile. If it looks great on a shop front but rubbish when compacted onto a small product, you need to redesign and come up with something simpler and cleaner.

Brand loyalty – With everyday products especially, a clear logo facilitates ease of recognition. When buying groceries for example, it’s so easy to just be able to look for the logo, which your eye is trained to recognise, and then instantly find your product.

You’re far more likely to frequently buy a product you recognise quickly than one which you have to read countless labels to identify, especially if you often go shopping while tired, which is common for a lot of us.

Make it easy for customers to identify your brand and they will reward you with brand loyalty.

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Posted by Jack Owen